Monday Morning Food For Thought: Yanks 4-0 Since “The Meeting”

c8890833n HR vs CHW1 Monday Morning Food For Thought: Yanks 4 0 Since “The Meeting”

Courtesy of the AP

Things were pretty bleak in Yankeeland last Thursday morning.  They had lost 2 straight to the Astros thanks to more offensive no-showing and a leaky bullpen, and had fallen back to 63-61 and 5 games behind the second Wild Card spot.  It looked like the final nails were primed to be driven in on this season.  Then something happened.  A group of position players called a meeting that morning to talk about what they needed to do differently to turn their poor performance around.  Not that I really spent a ton of time looking, but I haven’t seen much reported on the specifics of this meeting.  Nobody really knows who was there and what was said.  Brett Gardner said the players in attendance “cleared the air” and Brian McCann made reference to it when he talked to the media after his big hit yesterday.  That’s it.

Interestingly enough, the Yankees are undefeated since that meeting.  They went out and won on Thursday afternoon behind a stellar pitching performance from Brandon McCarthy and finished up a sweep of the White Sox yesterday afternoon in dramatic walk-off fashion.  …


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